Mar 18, 2011

Nokia Flash Software - Flash your NOKIA phone at home

You can flash NOKIA set by cable connection.No need to flashing board.First download the software.I have test this software for NOKIA 3110.Follow the screenshot step by step:

 3.After setup run the software,following window will appear.
4.Turn off your nokia set and connect with pc by data cable.Now go to File>>open product.

5.Now you need RM number.Dial to your phone *#0000#.Now select your RM.For nokia 3110 RM is RM-237.
6.Now go to File>Manage Connections.Select No Connection (must select No Connection).Now apply close.
7.Now download Firmware.Go to Tools>>Image File Download.
8.Now set product code.For this code remove battery .you will find 7disit code.
  9.Write product code and click download.
10.After download we can flash.Go to menu bar and click Flashing>Firmware Update.
11.Follow image.
13. Check Dead Phone USB flashing.After that click Refurbish.
14.You may see "Press power button" message.Now press your phone power button.You may see in taskbar "Found New Hardware".Then release your power button.Now wait 7-10 minute to finish flashing.