Mar 15, 2011

Cisco Network Magic Pro v5.5.9195

Cisco Network Magic Pro v5.5.9195 | 32 Mb

While Network Magic can't organize your entire life, it will definitely keep your home network in order and here's how:
- Automatically creating a dynamic, single screen map of your entire network so you can view and manage it from one computer
- Recognizing and adding to the network map all major routers and hundreds of devices including VoIP adapters, network storage devices, network cameras, and more!

Monitoring all connections within your network and quickly displaying on the map where the broken connection is when one occurs. Saves you a ton of time by helping you quickly pinpoint and fix the problem.

Ever wonder what happens on your network all day?
- With the Network Activity Log you can view recent network activities, like who's been on your network, and see what new devices have been added or what new files have been shared.

Your download of Network Magic includes a 7-day free trial of Network Magic Pro features.

You can purchase Network Magic Pro, Network Magic Essentials, or Network Magic for Mac Add-On at any time from our Web site, or by clicking the Buy Now link within the product.

After 7 days, if you choose not to purchase Network Magic Pro or Essentials, you will no longer be able to use any of the features or functionality unless you have Linksys hardware in your network, which entitles you to Network Magic Basic. See the product comparison for details on the features included with Network Magic Basic.

Install Notes:
1. Install Network Magic Pro v5.5.9195.
2. Start as a trial first, then close it.
3. Make a backup of the two original files "nmapp.exe" and "nmapplb.dll"
4. Copy the two cracked files, "nmapp.exe" and "nmapplb.dll" to program directory (typically, C:\Program Files\Pure Networks\Network Magic)
5. DONE.

Download Here: