Feb 6, 2011

Kingsoft Office 2010 with one year Serial - alternative for MS Office

Most popular Office productivity application suite in many companies and corporations.If you willing to sacrifice some bloated features, there are plenty of complete replacement alternative for Microsoft Office,However, there exists other Office suits too which can be used as an alternative for MS office like Kingsoft office.
Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Spreadsheets and Kingsoft Presentationsatisfies all your needs.Switching from Microsoft Office to Kingsoft Office requires no re-training. With a familiar interface and user-friendly functions, you will get things done more effectively and efficiently without any worries.You will be surprised that many features work EXACTLY the same way as Microsoft Office.


Kingsoft Writer 2010 offers you the easiest
way to create professional and quality
documents, enhancing your business…
Kingsoft Presentation 2010 helps you enhance your
presentation in creative ways to…
Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2010 gives you more
efficiency and flexibility to achieve your target.
It contains many functions…
In general, you get 90 days Trial download from official site but using a Special Serial Key, you can extend trial period to 365 days that’s one year!

Kingsoft Office 2010 one year Serial Number : BXMCM-UHTL9-XHVJU-E2YFV-NLYDF

Download Kingsoft Office 2010 size of less than 60MB, this is the smallest and fastest Microsoft Office alternative.

Install Notes

1. Unzip, unrar and install the application.
2. Extract the included cr@ck into your app’s dir and run it.

Download from Hotfile
Download from Megashare